11-year-old deaf dog who slept on the street is awakening to a new life

A cute dog who spent most of her life on the streets of Los Angeles. It was a difficult life, but he coped by finding food and comfort where he could. But as he got older, it became more and more difficult for him. The woman who lived in the house came out and saw a puppy sleeping on her porch.

Fortunately, the woman did not throw him off the porch, but let him stay. He named it Solovino. “He came alone.” A few days later, the woman decided to call the rescue organization to pick up the puppy and chose Rocket Dog Rescue, a San Francisco-based organization that specializes in finding dog homes.

An ordinary shelter. flew out of the rescue organization and found Solovino. At first, Rocket Dog Rescue couldn’t find a suitable home for Solovino.Over the next year and a half, the hot-tempered but cunning puppy moved to several different shelters.

Source: Carol Messina via Facebook

Until, finally, a woman named Carol Messina saw Solovino’s photograph on the Internet. She knew immediately that he was the perfect dog for her. … “As soon as I saw his face on his website, I wanted to fall in love with him,” Messina told The Dodo. “Then I saw that his name was Solovino, and I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan (I have a cat named Star Wars). I immediately thought: “Well, his name is Solo!

Source: John W Breckenridge via Facebook

“Let’s find out, that’s what his adoptive father called him. I know this is fate. How sad I am, I know that he will be with me forever, no matter what. Adopted Solovino and shortened his name to Solo. Al At first, the dog seemed nervous and ashamed of its new owner.

Source: The Dodo/Carol Messina

He was a little wary of people and it took him a long time to trust someone. After a while, Messina finally realized why Solo was so nervous: he was almost deaf. Because Solo is so old and sick, Rocket Dog Rescue is not. He realized that he was also deaf.

Source: Deema Hindawi via Facebook

That’s why he gets so nervous when he is around people, he doesn’t hear them chasing him. Plus, Solo has a toothache, which is another reason he’s backing down like that. Messina fixed Solo’s teeth and he immediately became more sociable and cheerful! Messina bought Solo a vest, which he says is deaf so people don’t try to iron him when he’s out. when she enters the room so that Solo doesn’t get nervous if she comes up behind him.

Source: Deema Hindawi via Facebook

“The people who live around us always point out that it doesn’t look like a dog of the breed anymore,” Messina said. He didn’t smile and barely opened his mouth, even gasping for several months, and now he smiled, turned and rushed down the street. dozens of times a day.

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