17-year-old Dog Became A Celebrity After Being Abandoned As At “Too Old” Stage

It is terrible if human beings give up their pets just because their ages no longer satisfy these people more. It is convinced that dogs are the kinds of animals that always showed their loyalty to their owner. Some people spend their whole lives caring for their pets, but some do not. They see their pets like temporary friends, then push them away when they become older.

That is the case of a 17-year-old dog, Karlie. Her owner gave up caring for her because of his old age. Luckily, this adorable dog was adopted and trained to be a TV Show star – an event for senior dogs.

This year, she turns 18 and looks prettier since she was sent to the shelter in Florida.

At the new home, the rescue team gave her special care and made her feel safer.

Laurie Johnson said to Today that they would stand by her side and spend most of their time making the rest of her life more meaningful. They are not concerned about how long she can live, but the most important thing is how she enjoys the life that she never had before.

Karlie performed well on the stage, and after 20 minutes, many people paid their interest in her. They wanted to adopt her and called

Photo credit: Steve and Rhonda Hoeckley


Laurie for help. She was so beautiful and adorable in her white fur and gentle eyes.

Photo credit: Steve and Rhonda Hoeckley

From now on, Karlie finally found her home. However, many Karlie fans love her, the luckiest couple – Rhonda and Steve Hoeckley, who meet all requirements to adopt her. This 61-year-old couple, though they are old, they showed all their goodwill to care for Karlie. They brought her home after the second edition of Dog Bowl was broadcasted.

Photo credit: Steve and Rhonda Hoeckley

The Hoeckley family welcomed her by a significant warming party and reinforced her spirit for the third competing edition of Dog Bowl. The ex-owner must be regretting it much because Karlie has become a celebrity among senior dogs.

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