A girl walks her dying dog during her last car ride, a dog’s face that brings the family to tears

Libra, pit bull mix, just a puppy when brought to Kramer’s house. Soon, the cute dog made friends with the daughter of the April family. Over the years, Libra has become best friends with their adorable feline brother Maxwell. As time went on, April became more and more mature, and Libra became a reliable source of support for her.

At 15 wonderful years, the health of the elderly Libra begins to deteriorate. His problems began with several violent seizures, which later led to the discovery of a lung cancer tumor. After several visits to the vet, the results were clear: Libra was in love with Kramer, Libra was just a good girl, and they didn’t want her to suffer for long.

Source: April Kramer/LittleThings

When the sick dog’s bladder quickly collapsed and caused severe pain, the family decided to face the inevitable.However, there is one last thing April wants to do for Libra, to thank her for her unconditional and undying love.

Source: April Kramer/LittleThings

Libra has always been a fan of car travel, so during her last trip to the vet, April decided to drop her window. and let Libra appreciate their favorite pastime.

Source: April Kramer/Imgur

For the next 30 minutes, the sick dog looked peacefully, feeling the breeze and appreciating the passing landscape with his eyes closed for the last time. The scales have crossed the rainbow and her spirit no longer experiences pain or fear. The heartbreaking April shared a touching image of Libra’s last car ride to pay tribute to her childhood best friend’s legacy.

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