A small dog that accidentally mixes with a stack of logs

Lucy has always been obsessed with sticks, and despite being very small, she loves to collect sticks of all shapes and sizes, even if the stick is much larger. than her. , she’s always ready to try. One day Lucy noticed a huge pile of logs outside and was immediately very excited.

“When he saw this pile of logs, he immediately had to explore and climb all over the place, sniffing and checking everything,” said Katie L., Lucy’s mother (who asked not to be named), told The Dodo. … “She loves to play with sticks, no matter the size, she will try to pick them up, so I’m sure she’s happy to see the logs (too big to pick up, so obviously they’re strong).

little dog


Should be double her weight or more. ) Lucy carefully climbed onto a pile of logs while her mother was watching a nearby house and it didn’t take long for her to realize that Lucy was practically the same color as the logs around her and she was actually pretty well camouflaged “I immediately recognized Katie L.

dog in log pileKATIE L.

“I loved taking pictures of her playing outside, so I had my camera ready! She decided to photograph Lucy’s diary adventures, and when she saw the results, she saw the results.

dog in log pileKATIE L

I had to squint to find Lucy’s mother Lucy’s baby in the picture. Knowing that the photo was too beautiful to share, she posted it online and people were shocked trying to find little Lucy who doesn’t even try to hide … She was hidden in plain sight, which was funny Lucy didn’t know that climbing her log would lead to a “very funny find.” “Photo. She just followed her instincts, which always told her to go where the stick was.

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