Abandoned Pit Bull Refused To Leave The Plum Box He Was Found In

The fact that people can be so neglectful and cruel towards their animals is absolutely mind-boggling. There is no good reason why a dog should ever find itself on the streets, starving and living inside a cardboard box.

Sadly, for one pit bull, that was normal life when he was rescued by the Lifeline Animal Project.

The starving pooch had been found – completely alone and scared – curdled up inside a plum box.

He was so weak and frightened that he refused to initially leave the box.

However, he eventually got the courage to let the rescuers coax him out of the box and into their care. Once at the rescue, he was given a more comfortable setup where he could come and go as he wished.

Given the box that he was found in, the staff ended up calling him Plum.

Plum wasn’t at the shelter long as he eventually gained a loving home, and his new owner, Meloni, shared that Plum was quite the sweet and playful pup after settling in.


Plum’s new life is one filled with love and friendship, and he now has furry siblings to play with.


Meloni shared that her other dog immediately took to Plum, as did the family cats. Overall, Plum has been able to enjoy a second chance at a happy life, and it is so beautiful to watch.

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