Adorable Baby Elephant Uses Broken Water Pipe As Her Own Personal Sprinkler

One of the beautiful things about children is how they take great delight in simple things.

You might buy your toddler a new toy, but find that they are much more interested in the box it came in.
Or that they can take something that would be a negative for grownups and turn it into a positive.

That’s exactly what baby elephant Wan Mai did when a water pipe broke at Elephant Nature Park in the Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand where she lives.

Elephant Nature Park, which was founded in the 90s, rescues and rehabilitates elephants and provides lands for their healthy herd to enjoy the natural landscape.
Elephant Nature Park also houses dogs, cats, buffalo, and lots of other animals.

The organization also participates in rain forest restoration by planting new trees and vegetation.

You can also visit the park and even volunteer at the park.
The funds from the park go toward food and veterinary care for its animal inhabitants.

While park staff had to scramble to get the pipe fixed, Wan Mai decided she would take full advantage of the situation.

Wan Mai didn’t see a major plumbing problem. She saw something that turned a regular park into her own personal water park.


Source: elephantnews – YouTube

The look of joy on her face when she sees she’s about to have so much fun is just priceless.

I’ve never seen a happy elephant before but there is no mistaking that kind of joy on Wan Mai’s face.
She starts trampling through the spilled water back and forth briskly like a little kid in yellow rainbow boots splashing in puddles.

Then just runs over to the water spout coming out of the ground.

She runs through it back and forth letting her trunk swing about.

Source: elephantnews – YouTube

But the funniest thing is that she tries to stand over it to try and stop the water flow.

It really is like watching a human child play in the sprinkler.

After all the fun she had, Wan Mei then runs over to the grown-ups.
She must have wanted to tell her about all the fun she had at her water park.

Source: elephantnews – YouTube

The elephant is the largest land mammal on the planet. Babies, which are called calves, like Wan Mei are born at around 3 feet tall weighing 200 lbs.

Calves are born with a keen sense of balance and high tactile sense.
Their skin is about one inch thick. The brain of an elephant can weigh around 11 times, which is four times heavier than a human brain.

Babies like Wan Mei are known to follow their mothers everywhere when they are young.

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