Adorable husky asks his father to give him love

Dogs love to attract the attention and affection of their owners, especially in the case of Siberian dogs known for their wonderful and stubborn personalities, when they want something they won’t stop until they get it. Poke My Heart will tell you what’s going on. “When this boy and his dog Millie sat down on the couch,

Millie patted him on the shoulder to get his attention. After a few kisses and rubbing, he continued. I watched TV. After that, Millie laid her head in his lap and then pressed herself against him. Millie, like a baby, seeks more love and affection. A good dad, he has the ability to focus his attention on her “son” when needed.

You can see how he rubs his chest, and she blinks gently.Then Dad turned to the TV, his hand still on his hairy chest. This beautiful husky looks happy.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

His eyes were so delicate and it felt like he was in paradise. Millie was embarrassed for a moment, looked at the screen and after a few seconds turned to her father and kicked him. the sweetest kiss on the face. Both are so cute that even the woman in the movie laughed and said, “Ooh.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

We, too. After the exchange, Millie put her head on her father’s lap, and he put his hand on her arm, stroking her back.This is very true because likes are known for being “reactive” and are constantly on the move. Siberian huskies are known for their friendliness, loyalty and mischief.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

They can be very active and talkative and really enjoy having a family. Then Millie is all right. She is very loyal to her “flock” and is very striking in her unquenchable affection for her father. The rest of the time she hugs and kisses only her beloved father.

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