Adorable Staffy Puppy Melts 49 Million Hearts When Mom Calls Her Beautiful

Many of us, dog and cat owners, talk to them regularly as if we know exactly what we are talking about because we believe our furry friends understand us. Some people will tell you that you are crazy or weird. Have a meaningful conversation with your dog, and despite what you really believe in, you may have thought they were right a few years ago,

but it turns out that your dog really understands what you are talking about. This is what science says. Hungarian researcher Attila Andix told The Washington Post: “So dogs can not only distinguish between what we say and how we say it, but can also combine the two to accurately interpret what we mean.

, the true meaning of these words. Researchers already know that dogs are able to respond to human voices, match hundreds of objects to words, learn grammatical elements, and be guided by human speech.


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In their study, they found that dogs are more like humans, as dogs can process speech using the same areas of the brain as humans.Scientists from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest studied 13 types of dogs in the family, mainly retrievers and lacing dogs. The fMRI scanned them and measured their brain activity.

During the scan, the trainer gives compliments such as “everything” and “smart” and neutral words such as “still” and “yes”. Words are spoken in a neutral, cheerful and “humorous” tone. Dogs process familiar words regardless of their intonation in the left hemisphere of the brain, just like humans.

Dogs analyze hearing or the emotion behind a word in the auditory region of their right hemisphere. “Co-author Tamas Farago acknowledges that the left-brain response to compliments does not demonstrate that dogs understand meaning and do not just respond to familiarity,” writes The Washington Post.

Source: TikTok Video screenshot

“Dogs listen to neutral words in everyday human conversation just as they often hear compliments,” so the main difference would not be familiarity, but whether the word was aimed at the dog or not. “In other words, if it makes sense to the dog.


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