After Baby Panda’s Returned To Cage He Hilariously Gets In Trouble With Mama

If you could pick your most ideal “dream jobs,” what would they be? Sure, most of us would answer that question differently. There’s one job, however, that I think a lot of us would add to our lists – and that’s working with animals. Especially when they’re big, beautiful panda bears!Some people actually get to be surrounded by these amazing creatures on a daily basis.

While we’re not all so lucky – there are some ways we can get a glimpse into their world.The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a non-profit organization located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It’s a conservation, research, breeding, and education base founded in 1987 that focuses on pandas and other rare animals.

One would guess that there’s never a dull moment at the facility. In fact, even the little ones can be entertaining too.
One clip that’s spread like wildfire across the internet involves a cub that’s wandering free outside of his cage. Cheng Lan is the name of the adorable creature and he can be seen taking itty-bitty steps on the concrete floor.

An employee from the Chengdu Research Base is in the same room doing her work, but doesn’t seem too concerned that the baby is loose. She fiddles with a hose without paying much attention to the tiny thing.

Source: Pixabay/qgadrian

Yet, there’s another figure in the room who does seem concerned that Cheng Lan isn’t where he should be. By no surprise, – it’s his mom!
Cheng Da is behind the metal bars of her pen when she zeros in on the cub. She heads down to the end of the cage to try and reach her son, but being an adult female, there’s no way she’s getting through the bar openings.

Source: Unsplash/Zoe Nicolaou

According to National Geographic, the average giant panda will eat 12 hours a day and needs to consume 28-lbs of bamboo to meet dietary needs. They’ll also occasionally eat rodents or birds too.

Mama panda Cheng Da stands watching Cheng Lan who’s only moving at a snail speed.
But since she can’t get to him, perhaps she’s thinking, “Come on worker lady? A little hand here?”

Source: YouTube – pandapia HD

Finally, the worker decides to help a mama out.
As if the woman can sense Cheng Da’s concern, she goes and swoops up the cub. She then takes him and pushes him through the bars into the pen (so maybe that’s how he got out in the first place).

Cheng Da is right there waiting for the cub. As soon as the worker pushes him in, she takes over and grabs him by his fur. It’s as if you can almost hear… Oooh, oooh, you’re in trouble!
The mom panda then drags her “naughty” son to the back of the cage and sits with her back towards the camera. At this point, you can no longer see little Cheng Lan.

Source: YouTube – pandapia HD

Unfortunately, we don’t know for certain what took place in that corner. But leave it to internet users to provide their own hilarious ideas.
Naturally, a lot of people related the scene to parenting and childhood.

One person wrote:

“she’s like “how many times i have to tell u not to play outside when they’re cleaning”

Another said:

“This is the equivalent of not making it home before the street lights come on AND she had to go looking for you🤣🤣🤣”

One viewer brought up a line that’s very familiar to many.

“You could just make out as mom was dragging him, “just you wait till your dad gets home!” And the cub says “but moooooooommmmmmmmm!”

It’s a scene that’s racked up tens of millions of views by people around the world. On top of it being pretty relatable – anything with panda bears is just too adorable not to enjoy.

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