An Injured Turkey Got Fitted With A Custom Wheelchair To Help Him Take His First Steps

Thanks to a very special and one-of-a-kind wheelchair, a turkey named Bill is facing a long road to recovery for his “bum foot.” The 60-pound turkey’s recovery process began after a trip to the vet. While there, Bill’s caretakers from the Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge were told that in order to help his injury heal properly, he would also need to lose weight.

That is when Bill’s caretakers knew they needed to get creative in order to allow Bill to stay active and lose weight, but also without further damaging his foot. That is when they took a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair – which had originally been designed for a dog – and converted it into what is perhaps the first-ever wheelchair for a turkey.

In an effort to customize it to Bill’s needs, the animal refuge added a makeshift sling to the wheelchair in order to be able to support Bill from underneath. That way, the turkey could continue to get in all the exercise he needed, but also without him getting weighed down.The refuge explained the design on their Instagram, revealing that they incorporated “a maternity girdle” into the design. They used it for the sling. Pretty clever!

Furthermore, the refuge wrote, “To make this work, I designed some signature man-turkey stretchy panties … you read that correctly. I help Bill get his panties on, then secure his panties to the chair. They’re like super Spanx.”

Apparently, they wanted Bill to look as refined as possible in his little wheelchair. And so far, it seemed to do the trick. Bill himself didn’t seem to mind his new chair one bit.

Plus, the wheelchair also inadvertently helped to fix a problem they’d been experiencing: changing Bill’s bandages. Before the wheelchair, his caretakers would have to flip him over each time – something that Bill understandable loathed. But since getting into his wheelchair, the process of changing bandages suddenly became a piece of cake for everyone involved.

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