Authorities Seized Dogs From Home After They Were Left Without Water In Hot Weather

Five dogs were seized from a neglectful home after being found left in the heat with no water.

According to WJAR, the neglected dogs were underweight and found living in unfit conditions in East Greenwich.

They reported that the RISPCA and East Greenwich Police confirmed that they received a call to investigate a case of animal cruelty and discovered “at least two dogs…outside the home with no access to water.”

The authorities seized five dogs from the home, all of which were “significantly underweight.”

It was further discovered that the dog’s owner, Eugene McQuade, was tried with 25 counts of animal abuse just three years ago, but the judge allowed 24/25 charges to be dropped as part of a plea deal. The worst part is that McQuade was given his dogs back after the charges were dropped, and Tony Gugliotta shared a photo on Twitter of a “very angry” McQuade picking up one of his dogs at the shelter.

According to WJAR, authorities were unable to locate McQuade at the time of the seizure, but an anonymous man arrived at the home and said that McQuade had been hospitalized with CO .VID- 19.


It’s been reported that since the seizure, McQuade has obtained a lawyer and is cooperating with the authorities. According to Friends of the Exeter Animals, the same judge who dropped his charges and gave his dogs back last time is assigned to his case again.


They cared for three of the dogs that were confiscated from his home, so the case is especially close to their organization.


They’re urging people to write judge Sarah Taft Carter and urge her to uphold the charges and permanently revoke his pet ownership. They said, “It is already looking like it may go in his favor again…These poor animals do not deserve the treatment or conditions they are forced to live in. We ask that anyone who has time and feels deeply about this situation to please write letters to the Judge that will be on this case.”

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