Baby Deer Rescued Just In Time After Being Swept Up In Rapid Waters

A Good Samaritan rescued the day when seconds counted.

The dramatic moment a baby deer was carried up in the fast-moving waters of a canal in Utah has been captured on video. The fawn was in great danger of damage — or worse — since she couldn’t walk up the steep canal walls on her own and was floating fast toward a metal grate.

However, as the alarming situation developed, a spectator prepared to save the deer from certain death.

The fawn had been rescued thanks to the man’s actions, proving once again that a good heart and a little fast thinking can make all the difference.

The dramatic rescue immediately went viral on the internet, garnering the man well-deserved acclaim from viewers all over the world.

One reader said, “Thank you to the guy, in every meaning of the term, for saving the fawn.” “I am so grateful that people like this still exist.”

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