Baby Goat Makes Cutest Noises While Demanding More Head Scratches From Human

Goats definitely seem cool, but we don’t tend to think of them as cute or cuddly. And we definitely don’t think of them as pets you would want in your home.

But there’s one baby goat on YouTube who is showing the world just how cute goats can be.

When you hear the sounds this goat makes, your heart will melt.

In a video posted by Barn Sanctuary, a baby goat is featured during a cuddle session. The person filming the video pets the goat, and the goat, named Twitch, loves it. But when this caretaker pulls back their hand, Twitch can’t contain himself.

When the cuddles stop, the goat immediately squeaks.
It is almost as if he is demanding more attention and cuddles, and it’s super cute.

This goat is a little too young to make the “baaa” sounds that we associate with goats, and these squeaks sound just like he is asking for more.

As if sounding cute wasn’t enough, he also looks adorable.
This goat adds some action to his demands for pets. In addition to squeaking, he chases after the hand, and even headbutts it a few times.

You can also see his little tail wagging at some angles. It definitely seems like this baby doesn’t just love his cuddles, he is also assertive about it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Barn Sanctuary

This little guy was rescued by Barn Sanctuary.
Barn Sanctuary is a rescue organization based in Michigan that rescues and rehabilitates farm animals.

Through their hard work, they have saved over 100 animals that now live on their barn land. They have a variety of animals at their farm, including ducks, cows, and goats!

These animals are given another chance and get to have a far better quality of life than they experienced at other farms.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Barn Sanctuary

In addition to rescuing these animals that were neglected or abused, Barn Sanctuary also does educational programs to help the public learn more about rescuing farm animals.

Twitch had a harrowing early life story, but thankfully Barn Sanctuary stepped in.
According to his bio on Barn Sanctuary, Twitch and his twin sister Portia had a rough go of it right after their birth. Only a few hours after their birth, these two baby goats were found facedown and motionless among the hay.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Barn Sanctuary

Their farmer gave them up to Barn Sanctuary, who quickly nursed them back to health with a bottle of formula, a warm blanket, and lots of love.

Since that, Twitch had grown up to be a gentle but shy goat.
That being said, he’s become a fan favorite, as the video of him squeaking went viral, and then another video of him meeting a dog also got quite popular. It’s safe to say that Twitch is living the life now.

People on the internet fell in love quickly with baby Twitch.

Source: flickr – Ozzy Delaney

The video has almost 28 million views 163 thousand likes. Additionally, there are so many comments fawning over Twitch and how cute he is.

“Ward [word] of advise for diabetic people make sure you take your insulin shot before watching this.”

While someone else pointed out:

“I’m trying to picture this goat because it’s literally the size of my cat based on that guy’s hands. What a tiny little critter! ”

It definitely is special to witness something as adorable as this, and it’s all thanks to Barn Sanctuary for rescuing this sweet baby.

Without their hard work Twitch wouldn’t have a second shot at life, and we wouldn’t have this adorable video. I, for one, am grateful for their efforts to help rehabilitate animals, and I’m grateful that there are so many adorable animals in the world.

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