Baby Starts Singing And Her Dog Joins In For A Duet

Anyone who grew up with a dog knows just how strong that bond can be. As a kid, your dog may just be your best friend!Dogs can sometimes have a mothering instinct, and act as a nurturing guardian. If you fall and scrape your knee, they’re the first one there to make sure you’re ok with a lot of licks and snuggles.

Other dogs have a more playful side and could be your best playmate as a young child.That was the case with a dog named Zara who loves her baby sister, Gia.When little Gia was gifted a microphone to play with, Zara couldn’t help but play along with her. When Gia started to sing into the microphone, Zara started singing with her!

Zara’s singing definitely caught Gia off guard and she kept looking back during the song, as if to make sure it was really her doggy singing along.The two had quite the jam session. They may just be the most adorable start to a band we’ve ever seen!



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