Boaters Spot Tiny Dog In Lifevest Struggling To Keep His Head Above Water In Middle Of Sea

This story is a miraculous one as this little Jack Russell terrier has been rescued by kind couples who have been in the area celebrating their birthday. Indeed, there can be miracles!

This tiny dog with its lifevest on has been floating for three hours on the Gulf of Mexico

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Jagermeister, a 15-pound Jack Russell terrier, fell overboard in the vast gulf near Hernando beach. This poor little dog struggled to keep his head above the water wishing to be rescued anytime soon.

Two couples who are celebrating a birthday on the boat didn’t expect to become lifesavers and a miracle for the day.

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

It has been a birthday tradition for these couples to go out boating, but they didn’t expect to see a little dog floating onshore. They were boating five miles away from Hernando beach until Bruce Knecht, one of the boaters, saw something floating in the sea.

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

All they thought it is a buoy, but they realized that it is moving!

So, they headed to this ‘buoy’ and get a closer look. And oh boy, they saw a little dog sticking up his nose above water wearing a tiny orange animal lifevest. The couple also said that if they weren’t near the vicinity about five to ten feet, they wouldn’t be able to see this struggling dog.“You just saw his little nose sticking up out of the water,” one of the boaters, Shawn Sahr, said. “If we weren’t as close as we were, within five to 10 feet, we wouldn’t have seen him.”Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

When Jagermeister saw the boat coming near him, he immediately starts paddling and swimming towards the boat.

As soon as Jagermeister saw a boat nearby, that was his cue that he’s being rescued and he’s alive! The rescuers, on the other hand, radioed and informed the Coast Guard that they have found a tiny dog floating on the choppy waves of the Gulf of Mexico near Hernando Beach.Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Jagermeister’s owner has reported him missing almost three hours earlier.

The pup’s owner, Joey, just check on something in the bilge or bottom of his boat, and when he came back, Jagermeister was gone. Thankfully, he has enveloped his pup with an animal lifevest, which definitely is a lifesaver for everyone, including dogs.Source: Unsplash

The pup’s owner was over the moon when his baby was rescued and brought back in one piece!Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

As soon as the couples took this pup to the nearest Coast Guard station, his owner screamed his name and was so happy that he’s been rescued. The owner said that he had given up that his baby will still be rescued since it’s been a while since he was lost at sea!

Instead of receiving gifts on their birthday, the couples gave the most precious gifts for these two!Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

With these couples’ little act of kindness by rescuing a floating terrier onshore, they gave the pet owner a gift to be reunited with his baby and best friend. And as for Jagermeister, he has received the most wonderful gift one could ever receive – the gift of life.

Head on to this video and see how Jagermeister was rescued on the choppy waves of the sea.


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