Bulldog Throws Adorable Tantrum When Owner Says He Can’t Snuggle

Dogs are family. They are our babies. And sometimes—we have to treat them like one. So, as dog parents, there is going to be a time when you’ll have to tell your fur baby ‘no’.This lovable bulldog always insists on laying directly on top of his dad, when he finally tells him no he whines and begs to get his way with the most adorable tantrum ever!

Rueben is an Engish bulldog, who just loves to cuddle but doesn’t quite realize how big he is
The internet has paved the way for tons of precious pets to become mini-celebrities for their cute faces and funny antics, one of them is an English bulldog named Rueban who hates being told no. His owner has posted many videos on his YouTube page with 164k subscribers, many of which go viral.

In this video, Rueben interrupts his dad’s nap to see if he can lay on top of him but isn’t happy when he’s told no for once. It starts off with the pooch standing next to the couch starring at his dad who doesn’t look too happy.Once he realizes that his dad won’t budge, Rueban takes the tantrum to his bedAfter whining for a bit, he moseys on over to his bed and continues to let his disappointment be known.

The look Reuben gives his dad is unmistakable, it’s the pouting face you often see out of human children and he wears it well.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The sad eyes aren’t working, so Reuben lays in his bed and begins barking in protest while his dad explains that sometimes he just needs a break.

“Look at that how novel, he’s actually using his bed, for once. Although he’s not happy about it, he’d much rather be laying on top of me. But sometimes I need a break because I can’t always have a dog laying on top of me every time I lay down. So now he’s pouting,” Said Reuben’s owner.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After trying to pull on his dad’s heartstrings, Reuben gets back up for one last attempt
He won’t give up that easy, as soon as Rueban’s dad tells him “give me a break, just for today” he takes that as a green light to get up and try again before the video ends.

People all over the internet fell in love with the lovable bulldog’s face, almost all of Reuben’s videos go viral but none have blown up quite like this one.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The video of Reuben pouting has been viewed over 7.9 million times, with 157k liking it!
Thousands of people also left comments for the endearing bulldog, don’t forget to check out his YouTube channel for more hilariously adorable content.

Some dogs melt your heart with their face alone, Reuben is definitely one of them and his personality just makes him that much cuter.

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