Camera Catches Bear And Coyote Traveling Together Like Two Old Friends

Recently, while checking footage from a trail camera in Florida, Mike Kacos spotted something he did not expect.The camera had captured video of both a bear and a coyote. While a sighting of each on his or her own wouldn’t be so unusual, this one was different. The footage showed both animals at once, traveling together through the forest like two old friends.

“I was shocked,” Kacos told The Dodo. “When I saw them walking together like that, I was shocked.”Here’s what the camera captured:Kacos wasn’t the only one impressed by the bear and coyote’s real-life buddy film. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) decided to share the video, too, agreeing that the pair do seem at peace with one another.

“Well, this bear certainly knows the coyote is there and doesn’t appear to mind!” the FWC wrote.How these two became companions is anyone’s guess. But when it comes to navigating the big, wide world, it’s always nice to have a friend.

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