Cat And Beagle BFFs Go To Pumpkin Patch And Do The Cutest Photo Shoot

When Chloe’s best friend, a bunny named Rue, passed away, she was absolutely heartbroken. She was clearly depressed, and her mom wanted to do something to lift her spirits and help her heal — so she adopted Chlea.

From the moment they met, Chloe and Chlea have been inseparable.

Chloe will always love Rue, but now she has another best friend to do life with, and she truly couldn’t be happier about it.

“Chloe is very patient and gentle for a beagle, and Chlea very much acts like a dog,” Megan Cottone, the pair’s mom, told The Dodo. “Chlea wants to go everywhere that Chloe and I go, so we always bring her along!”

dog and cat best friendsTHEBEAGLEANDTHEBUN

Chlea loves walking on her leash and going on adventures with her sister, and one of their latest adventures involved them going to a pumpkin patch together.

“When we got to the pumpkin patch, they were both excited and wanted to get out of the car to go exploring,” Cottone said. “Chloe was crying and Chlea was meowing … We found a quiet pumpkin patch that we knew both of them would enjoy sniffing around on their own.”

dog and cat pumpkin patchTHEBEAGLEANDTHEBUN

As the best friends explored the pumpkin patch, they also stopped to take some photos here and there — and the results are absolutely perfect.

dog and cat pumpkin patchTHEBEAGLEANDTHEBUN

Chloe and Chlea haven’t been best friends for long yet, but they’ve already totally nailed taking pictures together. They know exactly how to pose, and their pumpkin patch photos are nothing less than model shots.

dog and cat pumpkin patchTHEBEAGLEANDTHEBUN

The pair were so excited to pose together because they just love being near each other. As long as they’re together, nothing else matters.

dog and cat pumpkin patchTHEBEAGLEANDTHEBUN

Chloe and Chlea were best friends from the moment they met, and it’s clear they’ll be best friends forever and have many adventures to pumpkin patches and beyond to look forward to together.

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