Clever Cat Lures Dog Into Crate So He Can Get Some Alone Time

Ever since Milo wandered into Erika Longo’s apartment as a stray, the 5-year-old tabby has enjoyed life as an only pet. But a year ago, everything changed when his mom brought home a golden retriever puppy named Beckham.

The rescue cat is used to being spoiled by his mom and always gets his way.

“He has a very big personality,” Longo told The Dodo. “He prefers the expensive, higher-quality things in life.”

So when an excitable puppy suddenly appeared, Milo wasn’t happy about having to share his mom’s attention. “He did not like him when we first brought Beckham home, and it’s taken about a year for him to get used to him,”


Longo said. “Milo cuddles up to him occasionally, and [Beckham] will lick him. Other times, Milo gets annoyed with our dog and will swat at him.”

“It’s a love-hate relationship,” she added.

The pup doesn’t seem to care what his cat brother thinks of him — he just wants to be near him. “Beckham absolutely adores and loves Milo,” Longo said, “and always wants to play or cuddle with him.”

Last April, Longo started crate training Beckham. And that’s when the clever cat came up with a plan to get rid of his baby brother — at least temporarily.

Cat locks dog brother in crateINSTAGRAM/MR.MILOTHECHONK

Whenever Milo is annoyed with Beckham, he goes and sits in the dog crate. Since Beckham always wants to be close to Milo, he follows him into the crate. Milo then pulls a switcheroo, quickly exiting the kennel.

“[He] usually stands at the opening of the crate for a little bit just staring at Beckham,” Longo said. “Sometimes, he partially shuts the door with his nose or paw. After that, Milo usually comes over to me wanting pets.”

Even when the door is not completely closed, Beckham believes he can’t leave the crate. So Longo has to let Beckham out of the crate after giving Milo the pets and cuddles he demands.

Cat lures dog into crateTIKTOK/MRMILOTHECHONK

“This happens at least once a day,” Longo wrote on TikTok.

For three months, Milo has been locking his baby brother in the crate, and the pup still hasn’t figured out the trick. But the more time the two animals spend together, the closer they get.

And even Milo can’t resist cuddling with his fluffy brother from time to time.

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