Cuddly Cow Can’t Get Enough Affection From Her Rescuers

If you think that only household pets can give you cuddles, this barnyard friend is about to prove you wrong.
For most of us who live with pets, nothing beats a good cuddle when we get home from a long day of work. As drop the keys into a bowl, we can already hear the tail wagging and the tippy tapping of paws on the floor. Then, before we can put down our bags, our pets are already all over us, giving us kisses after kisses after kisses.

But what if a thousand-pound bull gives you that kind of loving?
This couple from Queensland, Australia rescued an abandoned calf and promised to give it a new home. But this unsuspecting couple ended up with a cow that’s a bit too expressive of his gratitude and love for his parents.

The cow’s name is Elizabeth.
Yes, he’s a “he” but he bears the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom. At first, they thought he’s a “she”. And so, when they learned that he was born at the same day when Australia celebrates the Queen’s birthday, they decided to name him Elizabeth.

Even at a very young age, Elizabeth has always been affectionate.
He would walk up to his parents and snuggle them by rubbing the top of his head against them. He would also kiss them both like how dogs do just to show how grateful he is for being given a second chance at life.

This cow’s emotional connection to his parents supports the claim that the bovine kind possesses an understanding of complex emotion and understanding.

According to an essay that tackles a cow’s cognitive capacity, they shared that they not only learn fast and retain important information, but they also experience a wide range of emotions.

Cows can discern or recognize one person from another.
Calves and adult cows respond in fear towards people who may have handled them previously in a rough manner. They can also recognize cow faces and different faces of other species, and it probably helped Elizabeth remember the people who saved him.

Each cow is also different from one another in terms of personality.
Some of them can be bold, playful, shy, sociable, or even temperamental. As for Elizabeth, he shows how much he loves his parents by running and playing around with them.

But his favorite is cuddling close to show them how much he appreciates them.

And while this Australian couple only intended to save a calf, what they got in return are thousands of pounds of love and affection.

In the family’s social media accounts, you can see that Elizabeth is way far off from his fragile calf self.
He’s not much more active and bulky, but his heart remains the same.

You can catch his most recent adventures in their Facebook and Instagram accounts to see how this cow expresses gratefulness in the most bovine way possible.

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