Dad Comes Home To Huge Mess And Anger Goes Away When He Sees Dog In The Trash

Our dogs can get into things they aren’t supposed to get into or do things they aren’t supposed to do. And when we catch them in the act, our first reaction is to be disappointed or mad. But that doesn’t last long when we see those faces…

Source: Viva Frei/YouTube

Those sweet faces have a way of making us quickly forget! This exact situation played out for a man when he came home and walked in on a huge mess in the kitchen, and you’ll see it in the video below. Dad was initially angry, but when he saw where the dog was he was too impressed to say mad!

Source: Viva Frei/YouTube

Even though Dad had doggy-proofed the cabinet doors leading to the garbage cans, his little rebel still found a way to get to them! I guess determination always finds a way.

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