Dad Enjoys A Surprising Reunion with His Dog And The Internet Can’t Take It

Ask anyone who has ever moved to another country and they will tell you that there are a lot of challenges associated with it.

At times, some of those challenges may be things that you had not considered at first, and at other times, they could be something that you plan for in advance.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for most people who moved to a different land is leaving others behind. It could be family members that you have lived close to for many years and suddenly, they are half a world away.

There are also times when some of those struggles may be overcome and could even result in a very touching moment.

That is what happened with one man when he was able to reunite with his dog and a video of that special reunion was shared on TikTok.

In the video, you see the father driving and the mother navigating. Apparently, the father doesn’t know where they are going but according to the voice in the video, the mother decided to surprise him when his dog arrived from overseas.

It had been almost a year since they had seen each other!


Apparently, he had missed Emma, his dog, and was very sad after having to leave her to travel overseas from South Africa to the UK.


Little did he know that she was waiting for him to arrive and pick her up.


When they got close to the area, he had to turn onto a side street and suddenly, he realized what was happening.


My family immigrated to the UK from South Africa and my dad really missed our dog he last saw 10 months ago #dadsoftiktok #dog #surprise #happyending

♬ original sound – Emma the Dog & Keats the Human

There was a truck marked “Animal Reception Center” and he couldn’t contain his excitement.


As requested, here is Part 2 😄 Please excuse my moms baby voice she always uses it when talking to Emma 😂#dog #dadsoftiktok #surprise #happyending

♬ original sound – Emma the Dog & Keats the Human

Unfortunately, the video ended early when they pulled into the parking lot.

The Internet was in an uproar, so they decided to post a part two to show the actual reunion.

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