Dad Tells Golden Retriever That He’s Going To Be A Big Brother

Baby announcements have grown in popularity, and many people have added their own twist to the announcement.

For some people, they announce the coming of their first child, and others use the announcement to tell an only child that they’re getting a sibling. One of the best parts of the announcements are the reactions of those finding out the news for the first time.

While these announcements are most popular amongst humans, they’ve also made their way into the pet world. One lucky golden retriever got the announcement that he was going to be a big brother and his reaction was priceless.

John Bache shared the reaction video on his YouTube channel, saying, “Golden retriever finding out he’s having a baby brother.”

In the video, Bache is sitting on the couch with his golden retriever. They’re both relaxing together, when he leans toward the dog and whispers, “someone’s going to have a baby brother.” Instantly, the dog jerks back and looks his owner in the eyes as if to say, “did I hear you right?”


After a moment of being tense, the dog relaxes again and looks away from his owner. But then, Bache whispers, “baby brother,” and the golden retriever stiffens and stares at his owner again.


Bache repeats the word a few times and the dog reacts every time as if he’s in shock or not hearing correctly.

They ended up sharing a follow-up announcement that the baby brother had been born, and it’s a human baby! It’s clear that the pup is going to be a great big brother to the little baby.

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