Daughter Gets A Waterslide For Her Birthday Party But The Dog Has More Fun With It

When a family rented a waterslide for their daughter’s birthday party, they expected the kids to be getting the most fun out of it.What they didn’t expect was to look out and see the dog going down the slide!In Schertz, Texas, a couple was excited to get a giant waterslide for the birthday party, and naturally, they thought the kids would be having a blast with it.

It’s true that the kids were having some fun with it, but it seems the family dog was enjoying it even more than the kids!They captured the dog’s fun on video, and it’s truly too cute! In the video, you can see the black labrador sliding down from the top of the slide and splashing into the pool below.

Makeovers For Rescue Dogs“We rented a water slide for my boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday, turns out my chocolate labrador had more fun playing in it,” they said in the video description.Labs are known to be big water fans, but this one seems to take his love of water to the next level.


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