Decade-Long Friendship Between Golden Retriever And Deer Gets Stronger With New Family Members

Known by the name G-Bro, this Golden Retriever has an interesting life-long best friend, and although this friend also stands on four legs, she’s not of the canine variety.Rather, G-Bro is best friends with a local deer named Buttons!
They are about the cutest pals we’ve ever seen! This is proof enough that true friendship can defy all odds.

The two animals have been pals for over a decade!
They’ve been through several milestones together. From illness to motherhood, the animals have stuck together through several trials and tribulations.With 11 years of friendship, the duo has quite literally grown up alongside one another.

The pair can often be found enjoying each other’s friendship. From nature walks to snowy days, the duo always prefers to pass their time with one another.
Some of their favorite activities include hiking through the forest and just hanging out in G-Bro’s backyard.
That is one happy duo. They are full of snowy leaps and good times. Not even chilly weather can bring them down!

Buttons also enjoys grooming her furry best pal.
G-Bro loves the free cleanings, and we’re sure that Buttons enjoys the free insects, as well. Free food and a personal stylist? That’s what we call a mutually beneficial friendship.
But it doesn’t stop there. This story gets better!

The deer has become such a regular amongst G-Bro and the family that she will literally just wait outside the house’s front door!

When she’s desiring some quality playtime, Buttons knows just where to find her furry pal, but she doesn’t like waiting for too long!

Buttons will begin pawing at the door until someone comes to answer!
If her second family won’t come to her, she’ll go to them and knock until they answer.

That is one proud mama. She’s ecstatic to show off her babies to their human grandparents and canine uncle. Those fawns are loved by three entirely different species – humans, dogs, and deer. These babies are receiving so much love!

So you may be wondering, how did this unlikely friendship begin?
It’s not every day you see a golden retriever befriend a local deer, so we’re a tad curious about how this friendship came to fruition. But hey, we’re not complaining! They are too darned adorable!

Buttons was rescued by G-Bro’s human family after being hit by a car.
With close friends that were experienced in taking care of deer, the family decided to take Buttons in and care for her until she could return to the wild. Buttons instantly became another member of their family.

Years after Buttons returned to her home in the forest, she still makes frequent visits to see G-Bro and the gang.

Buttons brings her fawns to visit with her golden bestie, and it’s just about the most wholesome video we’ve ever seen.

The fact that there’s real-life footage of a deer bringing her babies to visit with her human and canine family is just about the cutest realization known to man.

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