Dog Beats The Odds After Being Told He’ll Never Walk Again

A man discovered an injured puppy hiding under his car, and that little dog went on to defy all odds.According to a video by Animal Shelters, the man’s car had been parked near a busy road and they believed the poor dog had been hit by a car and crawled under the parked vehicle to hide.Rescuers were quickly called and they realized that the injuries were quite severe.

Rather than taking the dog to a shelter, they rushed him to an emergency vet’s office where they discovered that many parts of his body were broken, including his hips.

The little pup was immediately taken into the operating room for surgery, though it would be difficult to perform because the dog was so weak.

Three hours later, the surgery was complete and it was a success! Despite having just gotten out of the operating room and still be high on pain killers, the little pup displayed a lot of love and even shook hands with the doctor who saved him.

The little pup then began the road to full recovery and healing, but it wouldn’t be easy.


His new owner expected he would never walk again and would need a wheelchair, but he wasn’t going to give up on the little pup and the dog had just as much determination to recover. They started doing therapy together and the puppy began to make slow progress.


After a lot of patience, time, and determination, the puppy was finally about to walk again!

Not only that, but he could even run and play like a normal dog!


His transformation was truly incredible and it just goes to show what can happen when an animal in need is given a chance to heal.

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