Dog Creates A Perfect Twin When She Refuses To Get Up During Rainstorm

Patsy has been with her family for five years now, and over that time she’s developed lots of favorite activities. She loves getting treats at Mom’s office, meeting babies, hiking and ice cream trips, to name a few. But, when she’s done with all of that and just hanging around the house, her other favorite thing is taking naps outside on the deck.

“She’s a sun goddess. With my husband working from home over COVID, she often joins him outside on our back deck for moral support,” Margot Hoeflinger, Patsy’s mom, told The Dodo. “We have plenty of indoor and outdoor dog beds, but in her opinion, the warm deck can’t be beat.”

One afternoon, Patsy was napping on the deck as usual when it suddenly started to rain. Her parents rushed to get into the house before they got too wet — but Patsy didn’t seem to care one bit.

“We jokingly call her our queen because she is just relaxing all the time and can’t be bothered to get up — in this case,

not even for a rainstorm,” Hoeflinger said. “We were out working in the yard when we went running for cover and noticed she had no motivation to get up and out of the rain.”


Patsy’s parents called her to come inside over and over again. Finally, she reluctantly got up — and that’s when her parents noticed the adorable dog-shaped mark she’d left behind.


As the rain came down on and around Patsy, her fluffy body kept the deck underneath her nice and dry. When she stood up, it looked like she had created a twin, and her parents couldn’t stop laughing about it.


Patsy, as usual, didn’t really seem fazed — she was mostly just confused as to why she had to get up in the first place. After all, a little rain never hurt anyone. In fact, in this case, it actually created some art.

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