Dog Extremely Jealous Of The New Family Member

Usually dogs love little children, like playing and wandering around with them. Because of this fact you may think that it is easy to have a baby and a dog at the same time, but this video does not seem to show it is true.

It is obvious that Sadie is jealous of little Jaxx and she does not want to share her mommy with him. Just listening to the sounds she makes while arguing makes you laugh. Poor Sadie… Imagine loosing all that affection and love over a small new living thing that has become part of your family! All that love and attention was meant for you and now he steals it. Only if Jaxx could talk with Sadie, I think she would have told him everything right into his face…

Somehow mommy is trying to maintain the balance between her two “children”, but at the end Sadie is still mad at her. Maybe she listens to her mommy’s orders and lies down in her bed, but the moment mother talks to Jaxx the same conversation starts all over again.

Sadly, but Sadie seems like she can not submit the fact that she has a small brother that also needs mommy’s love and affection while growing up.

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