Dog Has The Most Touching Reaction After Seeing A Painting Of His Brother Who Passed Away

Dogs are intelligent, loyal, and nurturing animals. It’s no wonder why they’ve always been our constant companions mainly because of these qualities. They are also very aware of their surroundings which means that they sometimes understand what’s happening – thanks to their heightened senses.

They are also emotionally intelligent creatures that can sense our moods and emotions. They would know if we’re feeling happy or sad and sometimes, they would share in our emotions.

But if you’ve ever wondered, how do dogs process the death of a loved one? Do they even have the concept of death or they just think that their beloved companion who passed away just went outside and could come back anytime?

We’ve heard some stories about dogs who waited for their owners to come back, but what about a doggy sibling who just passed?

They’ve probably grown up together, played, ate, and bathe together. But when one passes, it can be quite devastating for the one that was left behind.

Source: Facebbok/Tina Muir

In fact, animals mourn just like us. According to a study by VCA Hospitals:
“When a dog loses a companion, two- or four-legged, he grieves and reacts to the changes in his life. Dogs alter their behavior when they mourn much like people do: They may become depressed and listless; they may have a decreased appetite and decline to play, they may sleep more than usual and move more slowly, sulking around.”

Like many dogs, Libby Davey’s dog, Frank, has the ability of understanding when one passes – and in his case, his brother Smiff. Smiff passed away a few months ago, and his family was devastated – especially Frank.

To honor her beloved dog, Libby decided to commission a painting of Smiff that she could hang in her house. The painting was done by artist Tina Muir, and she was able to create an amazing life-like portrait of Smiff.

She perfectly captured Smiff’s likeness that when Libby hanged the picture on her wall, Frank instantly recognized him.
Libby recorded Frank’s reaction and sent it to Tina, who later shared it on her Facebook page.

In the video, we can see how excited Frank was as he hops onto the sofa to get a closer look at the painting. He wags his tail to show how excited he was and he even stayed close to his brother’s painting.

Source: Facebook/Libby Frances Davey

It’s clear that Frank was just really happy to see his brother, even if it’s just a portrait of him.
Libby was of course touched by the sweet moment, and she was convinced that Frank recognized his brother.

“I think Frank knows that’s a painting of his brother,” she wrote.

Source: Facebook/Libby Frances Davey

It’s heartbreaking to lose a dog, but it can be even more devastating to lose a sibling. While nothing could ever bring Smiff back, it’s clear that he will be forever loved by his family and of course, by his brother Frank.

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