Dog Hears Elevator Ding And Runs Over For The Reunion She’s Been Waiting For

The stories of reunions during the various quarantine periods over the last year or so have been quite beautiful. Regardless of your political stance or leanings, we’ve all had a good reminder of the importance of human interaction and just how amazing it is to be with one another in person.

It hasn’t been an easy ride and many people had to do tough things through the trying season.While there are countless stories of humans reuniting after time apart, we want to focus on a different aspect today, especially here on Animal Channel. We’ve missed our friends over the past year, but our dogs have missed us just as much!

From the time they wake up to when they go to sleep, a dog’s pack is everything. Dogs don’t really have “other friends” they can call and hang out with and our furry friends haven’t seemed to catch onto Skype or Zoom yet.During the last year, there have been lots of reunion stories centered around our animals who have missed us, too!

The comfort that a dog has from being with the person they love the most can’t really be understated. Even if they don’t experience separation anxiety, any amount of time away from their owner is sure to result in a warm reunion the next time they hear you walking down the hallway, even if you were just gone for 5 minutes in the bathroom!

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One video shows us a heartwarming example of a dog’s heart and how much they can miss us.

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Milly is a golden doodle who hasn’t seen her sister in weeks. So far, it’s been about 14 days and Milly has been pretty upset about it. Her sister hasn’t been around because she had a run-in with covid and ended up having to quarantine.

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No matter where you live, quarantine isn’t fun.

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Most countries were requiring a mandatory period of quarantine while traveling last year and it could last for weeks at a time!

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On top of that, if you tested positive, you were often asked to quarantine to the best of your ability, even if you weren’t showing symptoms. The standard time was 14 days it looks like Milly’s sister was gone for at least that long.


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