Dog Missing For 16 Days Found Swimming In The Bay

A golden retriever missing for over two weeks was finally rescued after being found swimming in Barnegat Bay.The 3-year-old dog named Chuck had been missing from his Brick, NJ home since June 6, and his owners were naturally quite worried.Thankfully, police shared on Facebook that they received a report of a dog swimming in the bay and discovered it was the missing pup!

Officers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi used a motorboat to search for the dog and found him paddling along the shore.According to PEOPLE, they were able to lift the dog onto a private dock using some rope.Speaking with the magazine, Ferdinandi said, “He was extremely tired. Definitely malnourished, hungry.”

According to the outlet, Chuck initially ran away from his yard after being spooked while playing a game of fetch with his owners. Since he ran away, his owners have been looking non-stop.The search involved police, cameras, neighbors, and baited traps but the closest they got was a jogger spotting the dog on the Mantoloking Bridge. Unfortunately, when they tried to get the dog, he jumped into the water and began swimming away.


Thankfully, rescuers were able to save Chuck after he swam for more than two miles.


It’s nice to know that Chuck was able to rescued and is being reunited with his owners after such a long couple of weeks.

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