Dog owners have their eyes removed instead of treating the infection and then left at a shelter.

Most people will easily say that they don’t give a damn about caring for a dog, whether you feed it, put it to bed, or take care of its medical needs. I heard of someone who missed a mission and this is what happened last month at the Santa Fe Ranch, California.

A dog named Louis, a three-year-old shepherd and a laboratory mix, was taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. its previous owners, for an incredible reason: Louis got an eye infection while living with his former owners. Helen Woodward released a statement that the dog’s owners decided to have his eye removed in December instead of paying for treatment.

Soon after the operation, Louis was transferred to a nursery in Calexico because his former owners could not have a blind pet. One of Helen Woodward’s rescue partners took Louis and turned him over to an animal center. Louis not only went blind for the first time in his life, but was also very nervous about unfamiliar places. and he misses his old family.

They also found that he had several untreated injuries, likely from being hit by a car. According to People, Hella Tyler, director of the Helen Woodward Animal Adoption Center, said: “It is imperative that people considering owning a pet know their commitment to these animals.

When people get their pets for free from Craigslist, they don’t seem to understand that pets are responsible for the monthly costs and responsibilities of caring for them, including medical care. to their masters with incomparable love. They returned it ten times.

It was horrible to watch the animal being treated the same way as Louis. Soon Louis was released from the orphanage and placed in a foster family. adapting to life without her eyes, with the help of a loving host family. Helen Woodward is currently looking for an eternal family.

To be eligible to provide Louis with a permanent home, you will have to live in a one-story house, and it would be better if he also worked from home.Louis continued to adjust to life without eyes and limped from old injuries. According to Tyler, Louis is “extraordinary.”

Although his old family did not take good care of him, he still loved everyone around him. Helen Woodward is willing to provide free training, dog food and treats for a family who is willing to take care of Louis and provide him with a permanent home. It will be possible to submit an application on January 13.

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