Dog rescues a sailor stranded on ice in the Arctic

Cold weather can be dangerous for dogs, even those who wear a thick fur coat are prone to frostbite and hypothermia, so lately the dog is in real danger of getting sick. dog and helped save the day. According to CNN and the Russian press, the original Samoyed dog, Aika, left his village for a walk and ended up stuck in a frozen block of sea ice.

He was there for over a week. It is hard to imagine that someone would find a dog in the depths of this ice, but, fortunately, a team came to her. The Russian icebreaker Alexander Sannikov was crossing the ice field when the dog ran up to him. Realizing that she was trapped, she quickly began to lead Iika to safety.


, as a result of which the dog independently boarded the ship “, – the assistant navigator” Muravei “Evgeny Khagibin told the Russian 1 TV channel.Fortunately, Ika was in good shape, she was still wagging her tail.

While the Samoyeds are well adapted to the cold, with the thick double coat befitting their native Russia, it is noteworthy that the aika has survived the elements for so long.

But in the end, Aika is safe and warm thanks to her new friends aboard the icebreaker. The team contacted the local village and the owner of Aiki. “A few hours later, the animal was safely delivered to the village,”

Khagibin said, according to Reuters. His family is happy to have him back and it is said that it is unusual for Aiki to part this way. “The dog didn’t go anywhere without us, we don’t know how it got there,” said the owner Svetlana Chereshneva.

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