Dog Siblings Reunite And Instantly Recognize Each Other After A Year Apart

Some people wonder if puppies remember their families. After all, most puppies end up adopted in different homes from their siblings and parents.While some think they forget their families once they adjust to life with a new human family, the video below goes to prove that they really do remember.

In an emotional reunion, two dog siblings who were adopted into separate homes get to meet each other again for the first time in over a year. Their owners weren’t sure if they’d even remember each other, but based on their instant excitement, it’s clear that they do.

Two-year-old Brodie and one-year-old Nebula share the same parents, though they’re from different litters.Brodie stayed in the home while Nebula was born, and he got to act as a big brother for a short time until she was adopted out to her forever home.Over a year passed since Nebula was adopted and she and Brodie hadn’

t seen each other the whole time. Naturally, little Nebula grew up quite a bit in that year, and she and Brodie were around the same size when they finally reunited.

A touching video captured the moment that they got to see one another for the first time in so long and it’s incredibly sweet. In the video, you can see Brodie and Nebula walk up to one another and give a quick sniff before diving at each other to play.

They end up rolling around on the ground together and getting lost in the play, clearly ecstatic to be reunited.

It’s always nice to see an old friend or family member after a long time away and it seems that dogs feel the same way.

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