Dog Sweetly “Apologizes” To Brother After Stealing His Treat

Although not everyone likes admitting their faults – we all make mistakes sometimes. Even dogs aren’t perfect 100% of the time (crazy, huh?). But just like with humans – there’s nothing like a sweet “apology” from a pooch to fix things and make it right.

One golden retriever is melting hearts with how he said “sorry” to his canine brother for being naughty. It’s so adorable in fact, don’t be surprised if he has you saying, “Aww!”

Watson and Kiko are more than brothers – they’re best friends too.
The dogs live with their owner Jennifer Medrano in Spokane, Washington. If they look familiar it’s because they’re actually social media stars with 970K followers on Instagram! Medrano, who’s a photographer, takes the sweetest photos of Watson and Kiko together, which show their special bond.

One day, there was a temptation that was just too difficult to resist.

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Most dogs want to be good as gold and keep their loved ones happy. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t “accidentally” chew the couch sometimes, dig in the garden, or sneak a cookie off the counter. Sometimes they even seem guilty and sorry afterwards. Ugh, it was a mistake, Mom!

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As for Watson, he made an “uh-oh” when it came to treats that he and his brother received.
Instead of the brothers enjoying their chewies (as their owner calls them) side by side, Watson decided to eat both of them. While we don’t know exactly what his excuse is, maybe they were just really delicious and irresistible.

Like a good mom, Medrano wasn’t about to let Watson go without giving a proper apology. So, she flipped on the camera and addressed the issue.

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The dogs are sitting in the kitchen with Watson in the hot seat.
But before telling him to apologize to his older brother for being a treat thief, Medrano asks:

“Hey Watson, do you understand when I’m talking to you?”

Watson grunts a couple of times in response, which perhaps means, “Sure do, Mom!” Okay, now it’s time to get down to business…

These dogs must really love their chewies.

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Medrano goes over the facts of what happened with Watson. She says to him in a calm voice,

“So I gave you a chewy, I gave Kiko a chewy. You ate Kiko’s chewy.”

Hilariously, both dogs lick their lips during the video. Can you really blame them with all this “chewy talk?”

An apology was in order.
Even though you can’t really blame Watson for wanting a second treat – stealing from your best-bud isn’t very kind no matter your species. Mom then asks,

“So what do we say when we steal someone else’s chewy?”

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Medrano doesn’t have to spell it out for Watson, he knows exactly what to do.

He walks up to his canine brother and gives him the biggest hug.
It’s the sweetest thing ever seeing Watson wrap his arms around Kiko and rest his head on top of him. Seriously, how could you not be in a puddle looking at these two precious faces?

They’re both good boys.

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Understandably, Watson’s loving apology gets him out of trouble and Mom tells them what good boys they are. Who knows, maybe it earned them an extra chewy? After all, it was pretty darn cute.

Turns out, Watson actually gives his brother Kiko tons of hugs! The pooches’ Instagram page has lots of photos of Watson embracing his sibling.

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