Dog Takes A 57-Mile Walk Down Memory Lane And Ends Up Back At Her Old House

Moving to a new house can be exciting, but it can also be really hard. When you move, you have to pack everything up and rearrange it in your new home to make everything feel as homey as possible.

You also have to adjust to an entirely different neighborhood, and you have to say goodbye to a lot of things you may have loved. Turns out, moving can be hard on our pets too.

When one family moved, their dog seemed to take it extra hard.
The family left their Missouri home in 2018 and moved to a small town in Kansas. When they moved, they brought their Labrador dog named Cleo with them.

Moving and settling into a new town seemed to be going alright. But then about two years after moving, Cleo disappeared. The family had no idea where she had gone and were, understandably, devastated.

Then new homeowners in Missouri came home one day and saw a dog on their front porch.

Colton and Britney Michael got out of their car and saw a big Labrador just sitting on their porch. It was not their dog, and she wouldn’t let the people near her.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX59 News

If anything, she seemed a little defensive over the house. Almost as if she thought it was her house.

Fortunately, this dog had a microchip.

This made it easy for Colton and Britney to find out who her owners were. When they realized the owners were people who had previously lived in their house, they were shocked: this dog had travelled over 57 miles to return home!

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX59 News

They managed to get in touch with the previous homeowners, who could identify the lost-seeming Labrador as their 4-year old Cleo. Soon enough the family was heading over to pick up their adventurous dog.

Colton Michael totally understands where Cleo is coming from.

Once Colton and Britney realized who the dog belonged to, her strange behavior earlier started to make a lot more sense. They realized she was just a pup who missed her home and wanted to defend it from people. Colton tells KMBC News:

“She finds her way home, and there’s some strangers living in it. That would be scary for anybody.”

It remains a mystery how Cleo even made her journey.
When you hear the details of this 57-mile distance, Cleo’s ability to get from point A to point B is pretty impressive.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX59 News

According to her owners, at one point she would have had to cross a part of the Missouri River. Additionally, the owners created a Facebook post announcing that she was missing a week before the Michael’s found her.

It’s still a mystery of what happened during that week, and how exactly she crossed a river, let alone guided herself the entire 57 miles.
But it’s clear this dog is no stranger to adventure and has a great sense of direction.

Despite missing her old home, Cleo was still ecstatic to reunite with her family.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX59 News

When Colton told her family that they found her, her family drove from Kansas back to Missouri just to get her.

As soon as Cleo saw them she forgot all about their old house and ran right into her owner’s arms. She probably missed them more than she missed her house.

The family was able to take Cleo back to their new home in Kansas. Hopefully, she settles in better and learns that there are things to love in this new home too.

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