Dog With Infected Broken Legs Found In Ditch Finds A Hero In Disguise

Deuce is an adorable dog and a very good boy who is both cherished and loved by his dad, Domenick.

Deuce is also a walking miracle, as it is absolutely astounding to think of the pain and strength he endured in order to survive. Found as a stray dog along the side of a road in a ditch in Kentucky, both of Deuce’s left legs were broken, infected, and things did not look good.

No one knows how he was rescued, but he was picked up from the street and brought to the Camp Jean Rescue Center, where workers fought to save Deuce’s life. First and foremost, the dog received medical attention. The decision was made that in order for Deuce to stand a fighting chance, his front left and rear left legs would be amputated.

After several surgeries, Jean of Camp Jean decided to find a great home for Deuce. Jean felt Deuce had a great personality and special qualities that would make him the perfect therapy dog.

Eventually, she crossed paths with Domenick by searching online and finding out he already owned two 2-legged dogs already. Both dogs, Lucky and Cyrus, have two legs and had been trained and certified as therapy dogs.

Deuce fit in right away with Domenick’s dogs. Lucky has front legs and Deuce has right legs, so together the two have formed an incredible bond. They play and sleep together and just love hanging out at home and enjoying one another’s company. Domenick says nothing stops Deuce and he walks and runs with ease and has defied the odds. These days, he visits two hospitals as a certified therapy dog.

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