Dogs Line Up To Eat When A Bird Comes In And Shakes Things Up

If you live in a house with multiple pets, then you know how much joy having animals can bring into your life. After a long day, few things are as enjoyable as opening your front door and being greeted by your exuberant pets who have been waiting patiently for you to come home.

Chances are, even if you were only gone a few minutes, they are still excited to see you!

Pets, especially dogs, become very attached to those that love and care for them. While people have a whole world that exists outside of the house that includes work, shopping, travel, and countless other people, your pet’s life completely revolves around you.

All they want and need is to be close to you.

Pets benefit their human owners as well. Just the act of petting a companion animal can reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure. There is scientific evidence that people who have pets in their lives live longer, more fulfilled lives.

So, if one pet can make you happier, then more pets can increase that happiness, right? (Ok fine, there’s no scientific evidence to prove this theory, but it does make sense….right? Right?!)

As someone with multiple pets, I can attest that waking up in the morning to their happy, smiling faces is often the highlight of my day. I love being able to pet my dog and play with my cat. I have a few gerbils that I get to poke and feed too. It’s like one happy little weird furry family in my place. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without them – any of them! They all have a place in my heart and soul.

If you know what I mean (cat moms and dads, raise your hand, this is for you!) then you’re going to love this video. The dogs in this clip are excited about their meal, but they also have a little friend who’s ecstatic, too. Watch as the tiny yellow bird rushes up to have its meal right alongside its doggy siblings. It’s totally the cutest thing. You might just melt a little around the edges….

Keeping multiple pets, especially of different species in the same house requires supervision, training, and patience, but this little trio seems to get along just fine.

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