Dogs Patiently Wait 9 Months For Baby Brother And Can’t Contain Joy When He Arrives

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they typically love when new members are added to their pack. That’s just the case with two Weimaraner pups named Brego and Nami. When their mom became pregnant, they eagerly awaited the day they’d meet the baby growing inside.

Mommy’s tummy kept on growing and the dogs definitely noticed.

Brego and Nami always kept on snuggling mommy’s belly and clearly wanted to have a bond with his soon-to-be human brother.

The family from Barcelona, Spain, decided to share tons of immensely cute pictures and videos on a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page. These moments before the little boy was born are brilliantly captured and heartwarming, but the best was yet to come.

At last, the wait was finally over. The family welcomed a healthy baby boy and made sure to take their precautions with the pups.

Even though these Weimaraner dogs aren’t aggressive and generally bond well with humans, interacting with a fragile newborn can be somewhat risky.

Luckily, the parents made some preparations.

Before they took their baby boy home, they already introduced his smell to the dogs by bringing over one of his blankets from the hospital. Now that the dogs were used to the baby’s scent, the parents were pretty sure that their pups would do everything they could to welcome the little boy into the family – and they sure did.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The parents have shared tons of pictures of their newborn and the Weimaraner dogs and they’re absolutely adorable. You can spot them cuddling, taking care of each other and the dogs even give him small kisses from time to time.

You can definitely see that these three have already built up such a strong and close bond!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The pups and the baby are inseparable and they love spending time together. Just like a loyal, protective pup, Brego and Nami always keep an eye on their little boy.

The baby also playfully tugs around his ears, but the four-footer doesn’t mind at all and plays along gently.

The footage was shared on social media where it quickly went viral.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“I had 2 Weimaraners and they were just the most loyal, loving dogs. If you give them love and affection, they return it immeasurably. Miss my dogs every day and while I was watching this, my heart smiled,” viewer Liane Simko commented.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The family has now grown, and the little boy now has a little sister. Brego and Nami are just as sweet and protective of her as they are of their brother.

Brego and Nami are sweet dogs who are excellent protectors to the little ones in their life. This little boy and girl are so lucky to get grow up with such great dog siblings!

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