Every Day, A Stray Dog Travels The Train By Himself

Meet Boji, a stray dog who makes commuters happy every day.

A huge, brown dog was seen riding the buses, trams, subways, and ferries in Istanbul a few months ago, according to the city’s public transportation authority. When the dog, called Boji, gets on or off the train, he seems to know precisely where he’s going.

“We observed a dog trying to utilize our trams, metros, and trains two months ago, and he knows where to go and where to get off,” Aylin Erol, Metro Istanbul’s head of customer relations, told CNN. “It was fascinating, and we’ve begun to follow him.” It was also a really fascinating design. It’s like he knows where he’s going and what he’s doing.”


Boji was picked up by public transportation personnel in mid-August and sent to a veterinarian for a health check. Boji was also given a microchip that is linked to a smartphone app, allowing Metro Istanbul’s customer service department to track his location and health.


Boji has become a public transportation star as a result of his frequent trips. He’s always eager to pose for pictures with passengers and accept tons of scratches and goodies when he’s not resting on a tram seat, hurrying to catch a train, or enjoying the wind on the boat.

“Boji understands all the norms of travel,” Cumhuriyet said. “He gives way to disembarking people, waits, boards the train, and quietly takes a seat for himself.” “If he misses the metro, he chases after it.”


Boji visits at least 29 radio stations each day and travels around 18 miles throughout the city, greeting his devoted admirers along the way. While most commuters can’t wait to get off the metro or bus, Boji finds it to be the most pleasant mode of transportation.


“Passenger Abdulkadir Yalçn told Cumhuriyet, “I believe it’s extremely lovely.” “It brightens up the underground.” It brightens our day. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

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