Family Recreates Mother’s Day Surprise Video With Their Full-Grown Dog Instead Of A Puppy

Most of us probably have that one dream pet that we’d someday love to have. Personally, I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd and hope to someday be in a position where I can have one.For one woman, Lynn Younglove, she had always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog.On Mother’s Day back in 2019, she had no idea what her family had in store for her.

Knowing how much she’d wanted one, they arranged to surprise her in bed with a Bernese Mountain dog puppy.The original video was quite heartwarming as her son, Alexander, was filmed walking into her bedroom in the morning with a wonderful surprise.Lynn can be heard on the camera excitedly saying, “Shut up! Shut up! Look at how cute he is” as her new puppy, Loki, was placed right on the bed with her.

The original video gained a lot of attention from people on the internet. Speaking of the original video and surprise, Lynn stated that she’d been told to stay in bed that morning and she thought that she was going to get breakfast in bed. Clearly, this was a much better surprise.A few years after this video, Lynn got to reminiscing about the wonderful surprise. She remembers it being unbelievable and she almost “couldn’t believe it was true.”

That is when she got the idea to recreate the viral video. The entire recreation took place at their family home in Watertown, Minnesota. But unlike the first video, Loki had grown a bit.


In fact, the dog tipped the scale at 130 pounds. Still, Lynn’s son was able to carry him up the stairs just like before.


Speaking of the recreation, she joked, “I had to try and be a good actor and remember my lines. Luckily, my 18-year-old son was up for the challenge of carrying a 130 pound dog into my room.”


Once finished, the two videos were placed side by side with one another in a very heart-warming finished product.PHOTO: YOUTUBE/T&T CREATIVE MEDIA

And the internet couldn’t get enough.

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