Farmer Sees Deer Trapped On The Ice, Comes Back With A Friend To Help

A cranberry farmer named Gil Lancour was coming home for lunch when he saw a deer struggling out on the frozen reservoir. The poor doe was unable to move and all alone, and he knew he had to help. But his truck was scaring her.

So the 32-year-old Elm Lake Cranberry Co. employee drove home first, which is located right next to the farm, and grabbed his ice cleats and a dog leash.

He called John Moss and returned to the scene but parked away from the doe and walked.John Moss and family have owned and operated the cranberry farm for four generations with Gil having worked there for nearly 13 years. When John arrived, he saw Gil sitting next to the deer and talking to her to try and keep her calm.

Gil started to push on the doe, and John started recording.

The deer didn’t mind at all as if she knew he was helping, so Gil kept carefully and slowly pushing until they got to solid ground. There, the doe was able to get up and run away free!

Source: John Moss/Facebook

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