Frisbee-Obsessed Dog Goes Viral For Gathering All His Discs At Once

A golden labrador has gone viral for his obsession with frisbees and his adorable habit of gathering all his discs at once.In a TikTok video, Winson’s owner, Ray, showed the golden labrador playing with his frisbees and collecting them all together and people can’t get enough.They wrote, “showing off winston’s talent.”

In the video, you can see the happy dog collecting each frisbee disk one at a time while holding the growing stack securely in his mouth.

Each frisbee he picks up seems like it’ll be the last he can hold, but then he goes on to the next and it picks it up too!

Eventually, Winston was satisfied with the number of frisbees he collected and settled down into the shade to enjoy his hard work.


People were impressed with Winston’s talent and his video quickly went viral and received half a million views on Ray’s account alone.


It was also shared by other accounts, like We Rate Dogs, and received millions of views and counting.

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