Gentle Dog Fosters Injured Bird After A Storm

It’s not uncommon to hear of dogs mothering other animals, even of different species. While some dog breeds may get negative reputations for being aggressive or snappy, as a whole, dogs are gentle, loving beings and there are so many stories that prove just that.

Recently, a gentle boxer named Mia showed just how compassionate and kind dogs can be.

The boxer, from Nottingham, Maryland, took in an injured bird after a storm and stepped in as its foster mom.

According to ViralHog, Mia’s owners shared that they’d rescued an injured baby cardinal after a storm.

The little bird needed some help, and Mia’s owners were prepared to offer it. However, as soon as Mia saw the baby cardinal in need, she decided to step in and care for it all by herself.

“After some stormy weather, we rescued an injured baby Cardinal. From the moment our Mia laid eyes on it, her motherly instincts kicked in and she wanted to care for it herself. She is such a loving and gentle Boxer.”you can see the little bird gently pecking Mia’s nose as the dog lovingly looks on with concern. It’s clear that the dog cares for the cardinal and wants to do everything she can to protect her.


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