German shepherd plays with unlikely new pal — a young black bear

A wild black bear as well as a residential pet dog struck up a bear-y pawsome relationship.

Jenn Sargent, who owns a German shepherd, found that her dog made an unforeseen pal during a stunning backyard playdate caught on her safety and security camera.

The Vermont local, 37, was taking care of her house jobs when her neighbors alerted her that her pet dog Jameson was playing with a bear in the grass.

Entrusted to his very own tools, Jameson was seen in the video footage trying to get his brand-new yard bud to participate in a game.

Eventually, Jameson did do well and also both new buddies chased after each other around the backyard as well as the wild bear rose up to its hind legs anxious to play along.

Sargent, a mother of 2, said she was entertained by the footage but was also soothed her pooch didn’t bark up the wrong tree with the 150-pound bear.

” While it was a fantastic video clip, my main feeling was pure alleviation,” she told Kennedy News. “I was thankful my children were not outside, the canine had no injuries and also the truth that this bear was in a lively mood.”

Sargent said the brand-new buddies cavorted around “for around seven mins in total” and that she was thankful that “neither Jameson nor the bear” was hurt.

She additionally kept in mind that “this might have been a bad finishing”– specifically because it’s not the very first time this bear as well as a bigger one, believed to be its mother, were found around the community. But Sargent claimed her pet dog “did appear to be seeking him ahead back as well as play.”

” Jameson is generally fairly territorial and also not this spirited with unfamiliar people,” she claimed, keeping in mind that “bears stay in the area however they are not generally this brave.”

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