Golden Retriever Pouts In The Backseat After Not Getting A Puppuccino

A lot of people have that place they always go to and get a special something. For kids, it may be a trip to McDonald’s to get ice cream. For adults, it might be a trip to Starbucks for a coffee. For dogs, it may just be going to Starbucks with their owners and getting a puppuccino.When we go by these places, it can be extremely disappointing if they don’t have what we planned to get.

As it turns out, this disappointment can also affect our pets.A golden retriever named Oliver knows the disappointment is too real after he went to Starbucks and didn’t get his usual puppuccino.The poor dog was looking forward to his cup of whipped cream, but his owner left without it because the baristas were so busy, he didn’t want to bother them with asking.

Oliver wasn’t understanding about this at all, and he sat in the backseat sulking and pouting on the drive home. Oliver’s owner shared a video of the moment on Instagram and it’s as sad as it is comical.He captioned the video, “When you don’t get your puppiccino.”Oliver may have not gotten a puppuccino this time, but his owner said in the comments that he planned to get the dog two puppuccinos the next time they went because he felt so bad!


While Oliver may have not gotten his whipped cream, it seems he’s been enjoying a lot of nice walks and time in the park.

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