Great Dane Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum When Dad Won’t Give Him A Bite Of His Sandwich

Every dog owner on Earth has experienced the moment where they sit down to eat, and their dog appears. It doesn’t matter what the dog was doing or where it was in the house. If they smell food, they’ll be there.

Your pup starts pawing or barking at you. Sometimes they’ll just stare at you with a terribly pathetic look on their face.

The begging face. The face your dog makes every single time you try to put anything into your mouth.

No one likes to be harassed when they are finally sitting down to eat.
But still, our dogs fuss and beg anyway. But has your dog ever thrown a full on tantrum? That’s what Ron Cameron’s dogs do.

The guy tried to sit down and eat a delicious sandwich, but his dog Dinky the Great Dane was not having it.

Dinky starts grumbling and snapping his jaws in Ron’s face, protesting the fact that he can’t have any sandwich.

“You didn’t even eat your food,” Ron argues. “Why do you want mine?”

We’re not sure why he’s calling the dog Linda (we’re pretty sure his name is Dinky), but it’s beyond hilarious because it sounds like he’s arguing with his wife or something.

“Listen, to me. No Linda, listen Linda,” Ron says. “Listen to what I’m saying. You didn’t even eat your food.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

But isn’t, however, arguing with his wife. He’s trying to reason with a Great Dane. He keeps trying to reason with the dog but the dog is in full on tantrum mode. He just keeps barking and protesting and throwing his little fit.

“Go take that attitude with you,” Ron says to the dog.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

One of her Great Dane siblings, Romeo, pops up and gives dad that pathetic-looking face we were talking out, but he doesn’t dare join in on Dinky’s outburst.

Dinky just keeps on with his yapping.
“Romeo’s not begging,” Ron tells Dinky. “I’m not giving you any.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Yes you are daddy,” says the person shooting the video. “You’re going to give us all a piece. We’re good boys.”

And just like that, in true dad-form, Ron melted.

He then breaks off some of his sandwich for his two Great Danes and another pup named Peanut. But not before Dinky tells him “I love you” in three grumbles.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

You can tell these dogs are seriously loved. Maybe a bit spoiled, but they are definitely loved.

These dogs and their dad make for a hilarious team, and we love watching them all interact. We’re also glad the pups got a bite of their beloved sandwich!

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