Guilty Dog lands on the wall of shame of a convenience store

The owners of this convenience store in Denver were tired of thieves and weren’t afraid to flaunt them, so they presented a “wall of shame” – a collection of photographs of criminals. The crimes of the past were recorded by the store’s CCTV cameras. One of them is not like the others.

Among the paintings on the wall was a dog, its furry dog ​​muzzle looking back with notorious charm. Your crime? “Beef Jerky Thief” – reads the blurry caption under the photo. however, he is called the “good boy.” Nedzwiecki told The Dodo. The dog loves uneven aisles so much that it couldn’t help but bite Slim Jim and (almost) leave the store with him.


Taking this opportunity, the dog was arrested before escaping with a robbery.However, it was added to the wall of shame as a joke, but a joke on them: a cheeky dog ​​who was let in with his master, who is now friends with the store owner, but the puppy still seems to be on his guard. to the ability to steal again.


“They were all brought together by a terrible incident,” Nedzwiecki said. “[The shopkeepers] told me that every time a dog came around, its nose would lead it down the same aisle.

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