Heroic 10-Year-Old Boy Sees Cat Being Abused By Bullies And Jumps Into Action To Save Him

A kind 10-year-old boy from North Carolina named Wendell Overton came across a sad sight one day.
Wendell saw a group of kids abusing an innocent cat. The kids ranged in age from five up to 13.The kids threw the cat in the air, and then they kicked him. They also repeatedly ran him over with their bicycles.

Wendell knew that if he didn’t do something, the cat was going to die. And so, Wendell ran over to the group of kids and told them to stop.They ignored him at first, but Wendell refused to give up.“I’m not leaving without this cat!” Wendell shouted.Wendell took the cat from them and ran home. Once he was safe, he and his mom called the Outer Banks SPCA.

Wendell and his mom brought the cat over to the SPCA, where he was rushed into treatment. The SPCA also gave the stray cat a name, Jackson. The SPCA was grateful to Wendell for his brave actions, and they posted a photo of him on their Facebook page along with his story.Wendell’s photo and story quickly went viral. Everyone was amazed by this young boy’s bravery and his determination!

Many people sent letters to thank Wendell for what he did.

Over the next two weeks, Jackson started recovering from his injuries. As Jackson recovered, the SPCA began looking for the right home for the sweet cat. An animal rescue in New York, North Shore Animal League, offered to take Jackson in, and the SPCA agreed.

Source: North Shore Animal League via Facebook

Once Jackson was well enough, he went to his new home in New York.

Jackson wasn’t at North Shore for long, though. Soon, a couple named Joe and Jennifer Marinelli adopted him and took him home.

Jackson loved his new parents, and he also got along well with his new cat sister.

Source: Outer Banks SPCA via Facebook

“Jackson is the sweetest, most trusting and loving creature one could ever hope for! We feel that it’s an honor to have him in our lives!” Jennifer Marinelli wrote on Facebook.

Source: Outer Banks SPCA via Facebook

Wendell and the staff at the Outer Banks SPCA were happy to hear that Jackson had ended up in such a good home.

Jackson has now been with the Marinellis for more than five years, and he’s as happy as can be. The cat loves cuddling with his parents, and he also likes hanging out with sister. The cat has a great life in Long Island, and it’s all thanks to Wendell’s bravery!

Source: Outer Banks SPCA via Facebook

Wendell is a courageous kid who wouldn’t let animal abuse slide. He’s a true hero!

Wendell also isn’t the only kid who has gone the extra mile to help a cat in need.
A 10-year-old boy named Aashir also jumped into action when his cat was in trouble. However, for this cat, the trouble came when she climbed too far up a tree.

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