Heroic Swan Dad Steps Up To Raise His Babies After Their Mom Passes Away

As we dive deeper into summer, we can look out for a few things, depending on where you live, of course! For most people, summer means pools, fun drinks, and hot weather. It’s a fun time! Here at Animal Channel, however, we have some other things to look forward to, specifically, animal migrations!

One story centered at the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts, involves a swan and his family.

The nearby park’s lagoon ended up being the perfect place for one swan to raise a family! As the swans migrate north for the summer, they often settle in different places that seem like suitable places to raise their newly hatched babies!

Emme Feeney is a marketing and events coordinator for the Esplanade Association and noticed something interesting in the water!

“In early April, we first noticed they had a nest along the pillars by the lagoon, then shortly after, we saw that the female swan had begun to lay eggs. A total of nine eggs had been laid by early May, and about 10 days ago the cygnets began hatching.”

As they watched, they saw the eggs slowly develop and the time for them to hatch coming sooner and sooner! Not just birdwatchers were interested in the event, either! The public was enraptured in the story just as much.

After some time, seven of the eggs ended up hatching.

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